"Super Kyz: Empowering Stories of Central Asia's Super Girls (Kazakhstan)"
Super Kyz, or Super Girl, is a collection of short stories about the strongest, bravest, most inspirational women you never knew you needed to know! From eagle huntresses and warrior queens to pioneering fashion icons and revolutionary scientists, Super Kyz brings the incredible true stories of the great women of Central Asia to the world. Written for girls and boys of all ages to read with their families and loved ones, this book reminds us of some of the world's most courageous and determined young women. Besides these stories being interesting and exciting, they teach us something. They show us the power of knowing and pursuing our dreams. That being true to ourselves and our goals is always worthwhile. And that understanding our emotions is a strength we can use to achieve anything we set our minds on doing. And so, Super Kyz does more than bring unknown and forgotten tales to a new generation of readers. The book serves as a guide for girls and boys to understand their feelings and emotions, and to use this knowledge to identify their passions and set goals to achieve their dreams.
I am a mother of three daughters. Every day I look into their eyes full of sincere curiosity, genuine admiration for this world, and I see their desire, enthusiasm and courage to discover it. I see they believe that everything is attainable for them. I would like them to stay that way forever. I would like them to know that they have a right to choose their own path, without following their parents' or someone else's paths. It is important to cultivate strength of character in them to stand up to the challenges in future.
One of the meanings of the word super is "enourmous". SuperKyz is a girl with super, enormous, powers. Today, a woman combines many social roles - a mother, a wife, a daughter, a daughter-in-law, a worker and a leader. It is very important to sustain one's individuality and pursue one's goals. This book is a thousand hugs of support from our heroines to every girl who opened these pages ...
Dinara Chaizhunusova
Author of Super Kyz Book
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